Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week 3

Love, love, love.

Holly's candy jar decor. This is my favourite part of her room. Yes, it's all real candy...she just doesn't know that! :)

The pom-pom ceiling in Holly's room. I did this to try and brighten up her room, because if you didn't notice, Holly's room is completely painted dark brown. I posted this because in a few weeks, we will be painting her room white and re-decorating! Cant wait!

Summertime fires! This picture was taken at Chris' parents' campground, which is where we spent our entire weekend. I also just love these shoes!

My new set of square cake pans (with rounded edges). $4.99 for all 3 at Value Village. Such an amazing deal that the cashier got angry that she had missed these! I'm thinking that they may be perfect for a wedding cake! I love Value Village.

Grande white chocolate mocha frappuchino blended coffee. Double blended.

The perfect summer afternoon. We watched the girls play in their pool all afternoon, and then ate some hot dogs! Big fun, I know!

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