Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Rose Wedding Cake

I've been absent from the blog world for a few days, and this is the reason why!
On top of school and being a mom, I have spent the last 3 days completing this 3 tier, rose cascade wedding cake. I will be back in blog mode tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Magazines are important to me. Because I don't live in New York or L.A., and don't watch much fashion TV, PerezHilton, blogs, and magazines are my only fashion connections. For nearly 5 years, I have had subscriptions to Seventeen and Bazaar. Now that i'm getting older and my priorities are changing, it's time to switch it up.

I have limited myself to only 2 magazine subscriptions, and here are the contenders:

The new guy: Cosmo
I am in love with this magazine. There is a little bit of everything- sex, style, beauty, stories, etc and I'm pretty sure that I am going to pick this as my new subscription. Now- to choose which other magazine to stop subscribing to.

A fashion favourite: Bazaar
I love Bazaar because it's high fashion. The only problem with keeping my subscription to it is that I know that it's never really going to help me. I will never be able to afford almost everything in this magazine, so it's more of a fantasy. I just really like to fantasize about Chanel.

The guilty pleasure: Seventeen
Okay, so I am not 17- I am actually going to be 21. But, the magazine is full of fantastic beauty and fashion ideas for things that I can afford. It is centred around high school problems, but I actually find a lot of useful stuff in this magazine. I just wonder if I really am too old.

I am pretty sure that Seventeen and Cosmo are going to be the winners. As much as I love Bazaar, I have to admit that I don't even read the articles, I only look at the pictures of my dream clothes. I would love to get some comments on this. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Current Favourite Things: Lip Service

My lips are in no way my best feature. They are extremely small and have no real shape to them. Although my lips are not as beautiful as some, I still enjoy slathering them with all types of lip products. What you are about to see are my favourite products. I have probably close to 100 other lip products, but these are the ones that rotate in and out of my purse, and sit on my dresser ready to be used.

A pretty silver platter that houses all of the glosses-the ones not in my purse at the moment.

My absolute favourite lip product. Also pictured above, this lip shine is not only a fantastic and smooth lip gloss, but also a breath freshener! Can you say amazing? I can. I currently own the vanilla mint flavour, the magenta mint flavour (tinted pink), and the spearmint favour.

This stuff is a life saver in the winter. For chapped, dry, and red lips, nothing else compares.

These are my fun glosses. Skittles LipSmackers are self explanatory, as well as a raspberry sorbet gloss, a peach gloss, and a plumping gloss from La Senza. 

For a light summer feel, this Aquafina lip balm is absolutely the best. It's ridiculously hydrating for being so light.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wine Pops


Because the weather where I am (Southern Ontario) is unbearably hot, we decided to host some friends and have a few drinks. I rarely drink, so this time I decided to do something fun. Wine Pops- a delicious and extremely simple way to beat the heat and relax!

Fill small cups with desired amount of wine.

Add fruit.

Place a stick inside each cup and freeze until solid.


Friday, July 22, 2011


H&M is my favourite store in the entire world, and looking in the new arrivals there always kills me. I havn't really shown my personal style on this blog yet. I see other bloggers doing OOTD posts, and quite frankly, it makes me a bit jealous. I have a fear of my own body, let alone pictures of it. Maybe one day I will get into the whole OOTD thing, but for now, you can take a quick glance at my personal style and see my current H&M wish list.

1. A beautiful blush skirt. Perfect for the hottest days, and oh so girly!
2. Polka dots and chiffon- two of my favourite things.
3. Fluttery sleeves get me every time, and I also love that it comes in a light green.
4. Tops with giant bows have my name written all over them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cant Live Without

I switch products like you would not believe. I am a "use something until something better comes along" type girl. I do of course have a few items that I use for years at a time, but right now I am obsessed with the following:

Smashbox Color Correcting Photo Finish Foundation Primer. My skin tends to be on the pink side, so I try to tone it down as much as I can. This stuff works the best, and gives me a makeup ready surface!

Now this is one of my staples, and has been for years. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, trust me.

Clinique's Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion. I'm not sure why it's called a lotion because it's more of a toner, but this stuff gives my face that really clean feeling that we all love, and keeps the red bumps away.

Curly Hair + Summer = Mess.
I have tried about 15 different smoothers and lotions for my incredible coarse, think, long, and frizzy hair, and this one is by far the best. It doesn't hurt that it's insanely cheap either.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soft Pretzel Saturday

As everyone knows, I love to bake, and on Saturday morning, the lucky recipe chosen out of my recipe box was for soft pretzels. Here is the recipe I used:

1 package of yeast
1 1/2 cups of warm water
1 tbsp sugar
4 1/2 cups of flour
1 beaten egg
coarse or sea salt

Combine yeast, water, and sugar. Let it stand until yeast is dissolved and begins to foam.

Stir in salt and flour. Knead on a flour covered surface for 8-10 mins or until the dough is smooth and elastic.

Separate into ropes and shape the pretzels onto a lightly greased baking sheet.

Cover the pretzels and let them stand for 20 minutes. Brush with beaten egg, and sprinkle with salt.

Bake at 425 degrees until golden brown. 

Let cool, and enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week 5

Love, Love, Love.

This week was a very thrifty week for us. I wanted to show off our great finds for the week, so here you go!

This amazing 2-tier silver desert stand was found at Value Village for $1.99. It is by far my favourite find this week. I have tons of silver, but haven't been able to find any 2 tier stands in good condition. This piece will soon be filled with my small earrings and possibly perfumes! I'll be sure to update on what I do with it!

I have been looking for a white victorian-inspired picture frame for a few weeks now. I've found several at stores like Home Sense, only to realize the prices of these frames range from around $7.00 to $15.00. I just so happened to find this frame at Value Village for $1.99, with the Home Sense tag still on it. I will post an update of this frame when it's been filled!

I have been looking for a children's table and chair set for some time now, and saw this one on Kijiji a few days ago. When I contacted the seller, I realized that she had a children's picnic table for sale as well. I ended up getting the picnic table and the table and chair set both for $15.00! The picnic table will be staying outside, but the table and chair set will be part of Holly's room re-design!

Chris found this slingshot at Value Village for $3.99. He claims it can be used for protection. 

We added the scooter on the right to our collection of outdoor children's toys. It was free...because we found it at the side of the road! I can't lie, we are those people that drive around on garbage night looking for free stuff.


Some Other Loves From This Week

Holly enjoying her new table!

Ice Cream Truck!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Lovin!

Since I saw everyone else doing it,
I decided to sign up for BlogLovin!
Click the link above to follow me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virgin Shirley Temple


About a week ago, I was walking through the grocery store and spotted a bottle of grenadine. I instantly decided to buy it, because it reminded me of being a kid. My mom always had a bottle of grenadine stored in her liquor cabinet, and every now and then she would make me a Shirley Temple. Seeing the bottle made me crave one, and i've been drinking two a day ever since. I seriously recommend trying (or re-trying) a Shirley Temple, because for one, they look like a beautiful summer sunset, and two, they taste absolutely amazing. It's amazing how a brightly coloured drink can brighten your mood!

Here is how I make mine:
1. Fill a glass almost halfway full of orange juice (I prefer pulp-free).
2. Add Sprite until the cup in almost full. Leave a bit of room for your grenadine.
3. Pour in as much grenadine as you'd like.
4. Drink! :)

Tip- Although it ruins the beautiful sunset look of the drink, stirring it will make all of the flavours blend. If you don't stir, the bottom of your drink will be a lot sweeter than the top.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vintage Earrings: An Old Favourite

About a week ago, I wore these earrings for the first time in a while, and was complimented on them twice. I figured that although they are old news, they deserve a special post.

I found these earrings at Value Village for $3.99 about 4 months ago. I fell in love with them because they are not cheaply made, nor do they irritate my ears like a lot of fake earrings do. They weigh about a pound each (okay, i'm exaggerating, but they are extremely heavy), and are very solid. I fell in love with these earrings because of the insane amount of detail around the edges of the butterflies, and the beautiful pearlescent centre.

Just shows you how among all of the trash (80's clip ons) at thrift stores, there are some real treasures. You just have to take the time to look!

A terrible picture of myself, but the only one I could find with the earrings on.

Friday, July 8, 2011

This Week 4

Love, Love, Love.

I've been looking for a set of 3 pearl earrings for a while now. Just so happens that during a recent trip to H&M, I found this amazing amazing deal. 4 sets of 3 different types of earrings....

...for only $6.95. This is definitely my favourite find of the week!

My planner. Ever since I was in high school, i've had a planner. Why you ask, do I still use paper and pen when I own a Blackberry, a Macbook, and an IPod? Because for some reason, I love the way it feels to write down my plans for the day. Paper and pen just seems safe to me.
In case you were wondering, I ended up with a B in Psych, and an A in Music! :)

My new Blogger profile picture. It's not very good, but I recently realized that my picture was from when Holly was about 6 months old. That's 2 years ago. Time for an update!

Ikea ice cube trays. We own a few of these (ValueVillage- $0.50 per tray!), but this one is my current favourite. Seeing a little heart floating around in your juice just makes your day a little better! 

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