Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Magazines are important to me. Because I don't live in New York or L.A., and don't watch much fashion TV, PerezHilton, blogs, and magazines are my only fashion connections. For nearly 5 years, I have had subscriptions to Seventeen and Bazaar. Now that i'm getting older and my priorities are changing, it's time to switch it up.

I have limited myself to only 2 magazine subscriptions, and here are the contenders:

The new guy: Cosmo
I am in love with this magazine. There is a little bit of everything- sex, style, beauty, stories, etc and I'm pretty sure that I am going to pick this as my new subscription. Now- to choose which other magazine to stop subscribing to.

A fashion favourite: Bazaar
I love Bazaar because it's high fashion. The only problem with keeping my subscription to it is that I know that it's never really going to help me. I will never be able to afford almost everything in this magazine, so it's more of a fantasy. I just really like to fantasize about Chanel.

The guilty pleasure: Seventeen
Okay, so I am not 17- I am actually going to be 21. But, the magazine is full of fantastic beauty and fashion ideas for things that I can afford. It is centred around high school problems, but I actually find a lot of useful stuff in this magazine. I just wonder if I really am too old.

I am pretty sure that Seventeen and Cosmo are going to be the winners. As much as I love Bazaar, I have to admit that I don't even read the articles, I only look at the pictures of my dream clothes. I would love to get some comments on this. Let me know what you think!


  1. This is the reason why I save reading Vogue magazine for in the hairdressers (they always have a copy there) because so much of the stuff is just too expensive for me! And the actual magazine is expensive too! I like cosmo (we have the British version) and I never read 17 as we don't have it but it sounds fun and seems like you enjoy reading it. So yeh go for cosmo and 17! Then you can use the internet for looking at expensive clothes without having to pay for Bazaar! x

  2. Thanks JB!
    It's true! The magazines are very thick, and I feel like with Vogue and Bazaar I am paying for ads! I also always read vogue at the hairdressers! I forget that magazines are all different around the world. We have UK Cosmo here in Canada and I pick it up from time to time. It's really interesting to read the different slang :)

  3. My favourite would have to be Cosmopolitan and Vogue, each issue is such an inspiration by itself! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. Hey hun, I would go for Cosmo and 17, we don't have 17 really in the UK but I have seen a few copies through and American friends and I love it! Great post and great blog, I am following : ) Follow me back?? xx

  5. I love Cosmo it's a great pick! My other favorite mags for beauty and style is Glamour and InStyle they both include affordable ideas too :) I love Seventeen but the high school stories just didnt relate to anymore so I had to let it go :(


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