Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recipe: Virgin Shirley Temple

About a week ago, I was walking through the grocery store and spotted a bottle of grenadine. I instantly decided to buy it, because it reminded me of being a kid. My mom always had a bottle of grenadine stored in her liquor cabinet, and every now and then she would make me a Shirley Temple. Seeing the bottle made me crave one, and i've been drinking two a day ever since. I seriously recommend trying (or re-trying) a Shirley Temple, because for one, they look like a beautiful summer sunset, and two, they taste absolutely amazing. It's amazing how a brightly coloured drink can brighten your mood!

Here is how I make mine:
1. Fill a glass almost halfway full of orange juice (I prefer pulp-free).
2. Add Sprite until the cup in almost full. Leave a bit of room for your grenadine.
3. Pour in as much grenadine as you'd like.
4. Drink! :)

Tip- Although it ruins the beautiful sunset look of the drink, stirring it will make all of the flavours blend. If you don't stir, the bottom of your drink will be a lot sweeter than the top.


  1. Yum! Fun drinks are perfect for summer!

  2. Great! I just bought a bottle of grenadine last night to make Shirley Temples... and wasn't sure how to do it! Thanks!


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