Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Current Favourite Lip Products

My lips are in no way my best feature. They are extremely small and have no real shape to them. Although my lips are not as beautiful as some, I still enjoy slathering them with all types of lip products. What you are about to see are my favourite products. I have probably close to 100 other lip products, but these are the ones that rotate in and out of my purse, and sit on my dresser ready to be used.

A pretty silver platter that houses all of the glosses-the ones not in my purse at the moment.

My absolute favourite lip product. Also pictured above, this lip shine is not only a fantastic and smooth lip gloss, but also a breath freshener! Can you say amazing? I can. I currently own the vanilla mint flavour, the magenta mint flavour (tinted pink), and the spearmint favour.

This stuff is a life saver in the winter. For chapped, dry, and red lips, nothing else compares.

These are my fun glosses. Skittles LipSmackers are self explanatory, as well as a raspberry sorbet gloss, a peach gloss, and a plumping gloss from La Senza. 

For a light summer feel, this Aquafina lip balm is absolutely the best. It's ridiculously hydrating for being so light.


  1. I used to be a chapstick/lip balm addict! when I was in middle school, I had over a hundred lipsmackers. I miss those days.

    x. jill

  2. i love your collection.


  3. Very nice collection. I wanna start one now!


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