Friday, July 22, 2011


H&M is my favourite store in the entire world, and looking in the new arrivals there always kills me. I havn't really shown my personal style on this blog yet. I see other bloggers doing OOTD posts, and quite frankly, it makes me a bit jealous. I have a fear of my own body, let alone pictures of it. Maybe one day I will get into the whole OOTD thing, but for now, you can take a quick glance at my personal style and see my current H&M wish list.

1. A beautiful blush skirt. Perfect for the hottest days, and oh so girly!
2. Polka dots and chiffon- two of my favourite things.
3. Fluttery sleeves get me every time, and I also love that it comes in a light green.
4. Tops with giant bows have my name written all over them.


  1. they're all so pretty! i really love that skirt! h&m is such a great store!

  2. I love all of these- especially the skirt! I'm sure you will look gorgeous if you do decide to do outfit posts. Also, I always think your hair looks so gorgeous and long in your profile picture. Hope you are managing to stay cool over there!x

  3. love that skirt! outfit posting is a bit intimidating but i'm sure you look great and anyway, not everyone is a personal style blogger!

  4. That skirt is gorgeous and your blog is really cute !
    am sure when or if you decide to do an ootd it will be great !
    and don't worry nobody will judge you :)


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