Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anthropologie Wish List

This is a fantastic way to keep measuring cups out on the counter without them looking cluttered and sloppy.

I've never been to an Anthropologie store, and had never even heard of it before entering the blogging world. I took a look around the website today for fun, and was surprised to see several items that I fell in love with. I did a little store location, and come to find, there is an Anthropologie store at one the malls I frequently visit when I am across the border in Detroit. I will definitively be making a trip over to pick up some items, but for now, here are the ones at the top of my wish list!

I've been obsessed with finding rolling pins for a project in Holly's room, but this one is way too pretty for a toddler.

A family's last name spelled out in these letters would serve very well as a key hook by a front door if the hook's weren't so wide. 

As everyone knows, I love cupcakes, and I love to bake. For some ridiculous reason, I have yet to own an apron, which I desperately need. This one would be just perfect!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Cakes in One Weekend... and a Crazy Cake Fail!

3 cakes in 2 days.

1 nervous breakdown, 1 dropped cake, too much humidity. Read on!

Cake number 1. My very first castle cake, and I love the results! I had no problems with this cake, and loved piping the vines and experimenting with the towers.

Cake number 2. This cake was amazingly fun to do. I got to make a gum paste tiara (which turned out amazing!) and play with super girly colours. I had some problems with humidity and fondant as it was for an outdoor party, but it ended up well in the end (other than a few tears and ripples).

Cake number 3. For my boyfriend's step dad's birthday, I began to re-create a Dale Earnhardt car. It was a TON of detail, and a ton of time and work. This is as far as I got...

....until this happened. Chris dropped the cake. I wasn't too mad :). Thankfully I did not have to re-create it as his mom was understanding and just made fun of Chris a little bit! Maybe one day I'll get a chance to make another Nascar cake.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Week 7

I needed a star cookie cutter, and found one in a $1.99 grab bag at Value Village. When I got home and opened it, I was surprised to find a number cookie cutters set (which I don't have) that still had the Home Sense price sticker on it. Let's just say the bag ended up being worth a lot more than $1.99! I love deals.

A cookie jar that we found at Value Village for $4.00 and Chris insisted we buy. We are Christmas fanatics.

No more of this. I am officially on Summer vacation, as my Summer semester ended on Tuesday. I start again on September 8th. Not a very long vacation.

Sale's on the best clothes for the upcoming fall/winter season. Not for me, but for the kids. Buying in bigger sizes is a risk, but shirts that end up being too big can always be used as tunics with leggings!

I saw this movie in the theatre a few months back, and fell in love. It came out on DVD this week, and my lovely boyfriend bought it for me! I'm watching it right now :).

A treat to myself- my favourite mascara in the whole world. This time, my purchase came with a free sample of an Estee Lauder fragrance, which I actually ended up liking!

Cupcake PJ's, Barbie's, and Bedhead on my Holly Muffin <3


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 Home Decor Pieces at my Parents House

Every time I visit my parents' house, I become more and more jealous of their home decor. It's very classic and grown-up, but I still envy the way that it is decorated as a whole. My mom lacks the create gene, but somehow still manages to come up with brilliant combinations and placement of all of her decor. These are a few of the pieces in their home that I love:

A big clock that sits above their living room fireplace. The detail on it makes it look so elegant.

This is my absolute favourite thing in their house. I'm a sucker for abstract art, but this one gets me every time. I want to steal it.

A money tree that sits in their kitchen. I've never seen such a perfectly braided trunk- jealous.

When I mean that my mom comes up with crazy combinations that somehow work, this is one of them. I would never think to put sparkly balls and grass together, but she did, and it spices up the corner of the room really well.

Small decorations make a big difference. I love key hooks. 

Their main floor bathroom is elephant themed. This is my favourite piece from it, as it's extra detailed. In case you didn't notice, even the wallpaper has elephants on it.


I am constantly decorating my home, but feel like I never get it right. I change my mind constantly as I love too many opposite looks (eclectic vs. classic, bright vs. muted colours, etc.) Maybe I'm too young and haven't pinned my style yet. Does anyone else feel this way?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Annabelle Smudge Liner Review

Another weekend, and another trip away. Last week I wrote about how I was a terrible blogger due to vacation, and after only a few days at home, we hit the road again this weekend. My next few posts are going to be centred around the past weekend, as I was feeling very inspired!

When Chris drives, I do my makeup in the car to save us time in getting out of getting out of the house. This time, having my camera handy, I decided to show you one of my favourite summer looks! My eyes are green, and playing them up with a fun green eyeliner makes me feel extra happy.

Note my terribly unwaxed eyebrows- don't judge.

I first use this Annabelle Smudge Liner on the top of my eyes and try to wing it out. I then apply a line under my eye, below the lash line. I save the area above the lashes (more inside the eye) for a bit of black liner for definition. I finish with my favourite mascara. 3 products, 5 minutes- as simple as that.

You could even do it in the car ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest is amazing!

I have no idea how I came across Pinterest, but I am head over heels in love. Pinterest is like a combination of all of my favourite websites in one. I have been obsessed with it for the past week, and have no plans of stopping. Here are some of my recent pins/repins:

I am in LOVE with this idea. Tea pots have some type of whimsical feeling for me, and next year, I will be borrowing this idea for my own yard!

This is a dream back yard. Our girls would die to have this, and honestly, I don't think it would be very hard to do if we had an elevated deck. Maybe one day!

As you've seen, I'm loving the ombre trend, and here is just another phenomenal example!

Absolutely gorgeous, yet so simple.

My bathroom could really use a makeover, and jars like these are in the running for decoration.

Once again, ombre (and cake of course)!

So easy to do, and a fun way to use up old buttons. 

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Long Time Away

Its been exactly a week today since I've posted. It's sad, but the reason for the long time away is that Chris, Holly, and I ventured 6 hours up north to visit the small city of Sault Ste. Marie for my grandmother's 60th birthday party. A wonderful weekend filled with family and fresh air led to lack of posted (sorry), but i'm back!

Holly's first sparkler experience!

Beautiful lake Superior.

A little too excited over water haha.

The bridge connecting Sault Ste Marie Michigan and Ontario.

A big surprise in the middle of the city.

Way too much posing for family pictures.

Lots of cake.

Swimming in some very cold water.

McCafe Frappes aren't available here in Canada, so when we drive through the states, these are a must. 

Hope you didn't miss me too much!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recipe: Classic Cookies

On a boring old Saturday morning, which is usually when I get an itch to bake, I decided to make some classic chocolate chip cookies. I tried a brand new recipe, found here, and was pleased with the results. I sometimes forget how nice it is to bake homemade cookies.

A helpful tip: In the picture below, you see cut chocolate being used as chocolate chips in the cookies. The chocolate being used is actually solid milk chocolate easter bunnies saved from this past easter. I save my easter chocolate for baking because after easter, solid bunnies go on sale for next to nothing. The bunnies cost a fraction of what buying bags of chocolate chips would cost!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Urban Outfitters Wish List

One of my favourite places to online browse is Urban Outfitters. They have the most interesting and unique items in their home decor section, and their clothes are fantastic as well. Today my online browsing led me to these fantastic items that will definitely be in my mind next time i'm out doing a thrift store run!

This jewellery stand stood out to me because the first thing that I thought was that it could perform a double duty as either a gorgeous jewellery stand, or the perfect kitchen accessory. It could easily take turns in the bedroom filled with jewellery and the kitchen filled with pastries or fruit.

I would absolutely die to have this ruffled duvet in my bedroom. It's obviously amazing.

These app magnets would be a quirky addition to our fridge- and Chris, being an IPhone enthusiast, would love them.

Hanging decor makes me happy, it gives a room dimension. I think that these hanging tea lights are fantastic, but because of the price, I would love make a DIY project out of the design.

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