Monday, August 22, 2011

Annabelle Smudge Liner Review

Another weekend, and another trip away. Last week I wrote about how I was a terrible blogger due to vacation, and after only a few days at home, we hit the road again this weekend. My next few posts are going to be centred around the past weekend, as I was feeling very inspired!

When Chris drives, I do my makeup in the car to save us time in getting out of getting out of the house. This time, having my camera handy, I decided to show you one of my favourite summer looks! My eyes are green, and playing them up with a fun green eyeliner makes me feel extra happy.

Note my terribly unwaxed eyebrows- don't judge.

I first use this Annabelle Smudge Liner on the top of my eyes and try to wing it out. I then apply a line under my eye, below the lash line. I save the area above the lashes (more inside the eye) for a bit of black liner for definition. I finish with my favourite mascara. 3 products, 5 minutes- as simple as that.

You could even do it in the car ;)


  1. Lovely, this looks great, a really good summer look. Well done for managing to make it look this good in a car! You have a steadier hand than me ; ) xx

  2. Looks gorgeous! You have such pretty eyes, I'm impressed with your car-makeup skills!


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