Thursday, August 4, 2011

Urban Outfitters Wish List

One of my favourite places to online browse is Urban Outfitters. They have the most interesting and unique items in their home decor section, and their clothes are fantastic as well. Today my online browsing led me to these fantastic items that will definitely be in my mind next time i'm out doing a thrift store run!

This jewellery stand stood out to me because the first thing that I thought was that it could perform a double duty as either a gorgeous jewellery stand, or the perfect kitchen accessory. It could easily take turns in the bedroom filled with jewellery and the kitchen filled with pastries or fruit.

I would absolutely die to have this ruffled duvet in my bedroom. It's obviously amazing.

These app magnets would be a quirky addition to our fridge- and Chris, being an IPhone enthusiast, would love them.

Hanging decor makes me happy, it gives a room dimension. I think that these hanging tea lights are fantastic, but because of the price, I would love make a DIY project out of the design.


  1. That duvet! Soo romantic and beautiful!

  2. I love that jewelry stand, I acutally found something very similar in a charity shop and let me tell you, it is a great place to put jewelry, because then you can see all your treasures!

  3. ahahaha!! I've seen those magnets!! very cool :)

  4. omg. i need that sheet in my life. thanks for the feature!


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