Monday, September 5, 2011

My Rules for Clearance Shopping for Kids

See that price sticker? That says originally $14.00, now $2.94. This is one of the things I love about fall- back to school shopping gives way to fantastic end of summer sales. As I have discussed before, I like to buy clothes in bigger sizes for our girls, and assume that they will fit next year. Here are my top 3 rules for buying a season ahead:

1. Buy Adjustable Waist-
All of the bottoms that I buy for our kids have either elastic waists (leggings, skirts, etc.) or adjustable side straps (jeans, shorts, etc.). This is just a way to ensure that I am not wasting money because the clothes I buy have that much more of a chance in fitting next year.

3. Stock Up On Basics-
If you see a sale on kid's tanks for $1, grab them in a variety of colours and sizes. I find that buying in a variety of sizes is a lifesaver because if one doesn't fit next year, you have back ups. In the bigger picture, basics never go out of style, so that tank you buy this year will probably still be good in 2 or 3 if it's too big.

3. Keep It Classic-
I don't buy character tee's or colourful dresses in advance simply because I don't know if the girls will like "Dora" a year from now, or if Ombre will still be a trend. As stated in rule 2, stocking up on basics allows room to purchase trends in the current year.

$2.94, much brighter in person, perfect for playtime next summer.

$4.00, dark green and much to my surprise, it will be perfect for fall when accompanied by some cute tights!

$1.99, a terrible picture, but surprisingly, a long sleeved shirt in a summer sale was a great find. 


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