Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Cupcake Themed Toddler Bedroom- 1 year ago

When Chris and I moved into our second home together, we decided to go all out on decorating our girl's bedrooms. As i've mentioned before, Brooke has an "enchanted forest" themed room with a giant paper mache tree in it. Holly on the other hand, has a ridiculously pink "cupcake" themed room that I created and started dreaming of the day she was born.

Since before she was born, the theme for her nursery was simply the colour combination of pink & brown. When she hit around 1, I decided to add to the colour scheme with cupcakes- and a lot of them. Every where I saw cupcake decor, I bought it. There was a bedroom before this one that started the cupcake theme, but it was nowhere near as fantastic as this. This room was my baby, and I shall take you on a 360 degree adventure of it!

Before I go on, I will first let you know that these pictures were taken almost exactly 1 year ago. Since then, Chris and I have moved to a new home, and have re-started our decorating journey, pretty much getting no where in the girl's bedrooms. I simply wanted to post about this bedroom because we put a lot of time into it, and I loved the end result.

The first picture, above, gives a great view of the colour of the room. It's a little brighter in person, and we wanted it that way simply to keep it away from a more babyish look.

Her dresser and change-table combo was purchased from sears (see it here), with the pink change pad purchased at babies r us (see it here). The top of her dresser has a basket on it, which I kept filled with diapers and creams, and the cute cupcake pillow beside it was purchased at Target, but you can see it online here. The canvas paintings above the dresser are from Home Sense (one has a cupcake and one has an ice cream cone) and I believe that they were $24.99 for the set. On the back of the door (you can just barely see the hooks coming over) is a pink hook organized for bathrobes and towels. Keep the pink going!

A close up of the shelf on the wall in the first picture. This is what we call "the keepsake shelf"- an old shelf my mother gave me that I repainted to match. On top is an engraved silver cup from Holly's great, great grandmother. On the next shelf is an engraved silver elephant piggy bank that Holly received from my best friend, Becky, when she was born. On the bottom shelf, are Holly's precious moments girls. There is an "H" for Holly (from her Aunt), a February girl to signify her birth date, and her first Birthday number girl. She now has 2 Birthday girls (soon to be 3) so the shelf will need to be expanded. On the very bottom, hangs a "princess" ceramic card with spots for her name, birth weight, length and date.

Next is the closet. This is kind of a dark picture, but you get the idea. Plastic drawers on one side for small clothes (socks, hats, etc) and on the floor beside, a soft stuffed animal pit. The girls used to sit in here and read books.

On the other side of the room, we have Holly's crib (can be seen here). Yes, it is called the "Hollie" crib, and no, that is not just a coincidence, I picked it that way. The painting hung over her crib is from Home Sense as well, and it is my favourite thing is her room. I based every other object in the room off of that painting.

On this side of the room, we have the two shelves and the window. I wish I could have had the time to add something under these shelves (a project I am currently working on for her new room). The bookcase is from WalMart, and the two Giant Cupcakes hanging on either side of the window (which I adore) are from Home Sense. They were $10.00 a piece and totally worth it.

Underneath those curtains were these fantastic cling ons. We left no area untouched by cupcakes. These window cling ons were a gift, and i'm not sure where they came from!

I wish I could go back and take new pictures, but I can't. Anyways, Shelf #1- A fake cake platter that I had been meaning to fix for some time, a big ol' jar of mints and jelly beans (jar from Home Sense, candy from Bulk Barn) and a small container of Jawbreakers (found at Chapters).

Shelf #2- 2 cupcake paper weights/photo holders that I never put photos in because I thought they looked better that way (found at Home Sense for around $6 each), another big container of jellybeans, marshmallows, and lollipops (jar from Home Sense, candy from Bulk Barn, lollipops from Chapters), and another small container of gumballs (found at Chapters).

The floating shelves themselves were purchased at Rona.

Coming back full circle, There is a toy box (of a terrible green colour) in the corner for all of the toys! 


As I mentioned, the picture that is hung over her crib inspired me to do some other projects way back when. This blanket has since been thrown out, but the pillows are still still kicking around. I drew out the patterns to be exactly the same as the picture above her bed and went for it with my sewing machine. The Cake pillow is my favourite!


Here is the little cupcake herself, wearing a cupcake shirt, when she slept in her fabulous cupcake room!


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