Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This Week 9

Love, love, love.

My birthday gift (that arrived last week) from Chris. It keeps me happy on rainy days :).

For some reason, subs are about the only thing I want to eat lately. Most definitely a finer thing in life.

My box of ribbon, odds, and ends. I've been creatively working with it for some Halloween projects that i'll be posting about soon, but it seems like every time I use some, I add more. I need to expand the box.

Breaking out the scarves! Those mornings when I have to make the trip to school at 7:40am, these are my security blankets. My favourite 4 stay on this hanger and rotate out during the week, but I have a ton more that come out when the outfit is right.

The pile of recent project beginnings that lays on my bedroom floor. Two for the bathroom and one for the living room. You'll be seeing these soon, too!

The rainiest days and droplets on my window. This is when item #1 is the very best.

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