Monday, October 31, 2011

Indoor Halloween Decor! (Plus an "I love the dollar store" Halloween DIY!)

I wanted to do a lot more with my indoor Halloween decor this year, but got caught up in school work and other life problems. I did manage to get around to a few DIY projects, and a few simple changes to the house to "Halloween-ify" a bit, and here they are:

Above, is a pretty little potpourri pumpkin that I like to put out every year. Believe it or not, we got this a few years ago (at Home Sense for around $20) and it still smells phenomenal.

I found these vases on clearance at Home Sense for $3 and $4 a few months ago, and it took me 10 minutes to make them Halloween ready. The round vase has a Dollarama candle in the middle and is filled with candy corn that I purchased on sale at the Bulk Barn (yum!). I added a ribbon garnish because it looked a bit boring. For the taller vase, I purchased a set of skulls and some fake spider webbing at Dollarama and put them inside. Easy as pie.

It's the simple things that count ;). 

In our upstairs living room, I made the focus a set of boring old shelves. They are the first things that are visible when you walk in our front door, so a few dollar store pumpkin decorations, some streamers (that Chris hates because he says it looks like we're throwing a high school Halloween dance) and ribbon tied around some candy corn filled Cosmo glasses = a Halloween living room.


and finally...

A wall banner for $3? Sign me up.

What you'll need:
1. Thread ($1)
2. Sewing Needle (most of us already have at least one!)
3. Two packages of Halloween foam decorations ($1 each)

Have A Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. such cute ideas! the banner is absolutely my fave!

  2. These DIY banners will surely bring some life in a Halloween party! I'd love to search for a banner which would fit our Wonderland theme since I already bought one of those Alice in Wonderland costumes.


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