Monday, November 7, 2011

This Week 10

Love, Love, Love.

Opening an old purse and finding earrings that you wore once- it's like christmas. (From H&M a few years ago?)

Set of 5 glitter nail colours for $4.99 at Winners made my day. The chunky silver one is my favourite. Get ready for some nail posts.

The day after Halloween, the trees outside of our house finally started to shed their leaves. A picture had to be taken.

This cupcake piggy pank was on sale for $3.00 at Home Sense, and of course, I couldn't leave without it.

It has a perfect little home beside some candy on one of Holly's shelves.

Cinnamon bun scented candles that were a given to me as a favour at a friend's baby shower a few months ago smell so good and are perfect for this time of year. Now only if I could get some energy to make real cinnamon buns...

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