Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Redecoration Inspiration

After painting our entire house (pictures up by the end of this week, I promise!), we have been scouting out our favourite stores for some new home decor. Our upstairs living room is in need of a lift the most, so the following are some ideas that are in consideration for the space:
A black, metal key hook. We are ditching our old plain white boring hooks for some fancy ones. We're looking for something like this to place near our front door.

I am currently obsessed with finding an entry table for a big blank wall we have near our front door. It needs something, and I have faith that that something is going to be a table like this one , which I found on the Meijer website (must have drawers!).

Since we painted the walls a nice warm beige colour, blacks, whites, and other beiges seem to fit in. Black picture frames are gorgeous and I am highly considering combining this look, which I found on a blog called Caro Thrift, with the next idea to make a blank wall beautiful.

I have an idea that involves turning maps like these black and white and using black frames (like above). I have no idea if I'll actually do it, but I have it in mind.
Stay tuned for updates on the redecoration process!

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