Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recipe: Christmas Cake Truffles

Guess what!? 

Christmas is almost here!

Last weekend I was looking around online for some new recipes that I could Christmas-ify and found this one for no-bake cake truffles.
The inside of these truffles turned out sooo yummy and I must let everyone know that they taste very similar to Starbucks' "Birthday Cake" cake pops. The only problem was that as you can see, my chocolate didn't turn out as it should have, so they weren't very pleasing to look at. Read on to find out why!

After following the recipe, here, I added some christmas coloured sprinkles.

I rolled the dough into balls to refrigerate before dipping in chocolate.

Now here is where we had a problem. I put my candy melts in a bowl and followed the instructions to melt them in the microwave.....except that I forgot that the plate in my microwave no longer turns. So, instead of rotating and melting the chocolate evenly, the top of the chocolate melted, and the bottom- well, it cooked. 

 I had no extra candy melts laying around so I decided to try and use the top melted layer of chocolate...but it didn't work out so well. The cooked chocolate underneath ruined the whole "dipping" of the truffles.

I ended up trying to squish some chocolate on the top of each truffle (don't laugh- this is an honest blog admitting my failures :) ) and this is how it turned out!

Next time I think I'll be using my double boiler to melt the chocolate- otherwise, these truffles are so yummy, and so easy to make.


  1. Awww they still look gorgeous hun, and soo yummy! XX

  2. I love the colors! they look pretty good


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