Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Living Room Decor Change: Part Two

As you saw in part one of the living room decor change, our upper living room needed a change after a fresh coat of paint.

After we got our super cheap picture frame and awesome metal scroll piece up (see part one for details), the wall was still looking like it was missing something.
Enter Pinterest.
I found this lovely pin and decided to make it my own.
This is how I did it:

Chris and I talked about it, and decided that we would do our maps in black and white to keep with the theme of the black frame and scroll already in the area. We also decided that we would do two hearts: one for where we met, and one for where we currently live.

I used my scanner to copy a full colour map in black and white. It took me several tries to zone in on the exact locations of where we met and live, but I eventually figured it out. Fitting a huge folded map into a scanner isn't exactly easy.

Next, I traced a heart (using a template made from a plane piece of computer paper) onto my chosen maps, placing the exact place where we met and live right in the centre of the heart.

I then cut out my beautiful hearts!

Because I never thought to print them on cardstock, I ended up gluing them to white scrapbook paper just as a reinforcement.

When they were all glued and reinforced, I cut them out again.
Finally, I used a sharpie and placed a tiny heart right where we met/live now. 

My incredible boyfriend had a great idea. After trying to matte the hearts on about 5 different types of scrapbooking paper and realizing how terrible they looked, he suggested that we simply take away the backing and use the wall.

So...that's what I did. I popped off the back and used a hot glue gun to glue the glass into the frame.

After a little bit of Windex, we were ready to go!


We used a small piece of tape to hold the hearts against the glass, and one nail to hang each frame.

I absolutely adore how simple and clean it looks.
The only thing left to do is fill the picture frame with pictures of us and our girls :).

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