Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Pantry Organizing

Take a good hard look at that pantry- what a mess.

Second shelf is a nightmere. This is the snack shelf, where an overload of boxes and bags come to die. Most are half empty, some are mixed with 5 different snacks- just a mess of snack food. It overwhelms me to see thing like this.

....and this is my miscellaneous baking shelf. I have a whole separate cupboard for my cake decorating supplies, so this shelf is used for all the other stuff I have for non-cakes. It's probably the worst shelf in the whole pantry. Behind those sprinkle jars are about 20 bags of bulk sprinkles and other bulk items (fruit sugar, cream of tartar, etc.). This shelf needed organizing the most- whenever I need sprinkles I find myself digging through a mountain of them only to make a bigger mess.

Simple Solution: Dollar store baskets. I got these baskets at Dollarama, costs a whopping 2 for $1.25. 


After moving all snacks into their baskets, my recyle bin got a little fuller. It's ridiculous how much space cardboard alone takes up in a cupboard.

Moving sprinkles into those really small tupperware containers that you never know what to do with, makes it so much easier for me to get at them.

...and one by one my baskets were filled.


So, I didn't change everything, but changes were made where they needed to be made. 

The snack shelf
The removal of all of those boxes made for a very clean looking shelf. I sorted 3 bins into bars (kashi, nutri-grain, soft cookie bars), miscellaneous snacks (fruit snacks and rice krispies) and pouches (sidekicks, clubhouse packets, soups, oatmeal). After 3 bins, there was still room of the side for extra boxes and other things (see in the picture above).

On the shelf below, I kept one basket for pasta. Instead of those half-filled bags falling all over me when I open my cupboard, they now have a home in one little basket!

The only problem: I chose baskets with an angled bottom without even noticing it. Obviously, there is a gap between the baskets (wasted space). I'm considering finding new baskets that are perfectly square so that I can eliminate that wasted room!


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