Thursday, February 2, 2012

This Week 11

Some beauty goodies that went to my mom for her birthday.

I got to try this stuff after she opened it, and it had a really nice feel. It can be used for anything from head to toe, but if I get my own, straight to my cuticles it will go!

The cutest coffee shoppe sign that we got for christmas. It finally got hung up.

I forgot to post about it, but I did pick a planner. It's not the one I wanted, but it's still a pretty accessory.

...and my most exciting find of the week?

These beyond fabulous play sets for the girls.

I seriously cannot get over the fact that not only does this set contain a super cute cellphone and play makeup, but it also contains an amazing cupcake purse, cupcake sash, cupcake debit card, and play cupcake invitations.

A wish the cupcake purse and debit card were mine...

 The best part? They were on clearance at Winners for $3.00.
Anything with a cupcake on it for $3.00 is a score.


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