Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Girl's Room Improvements

This is Holly's current bedroom. It began as a cupcake themed room, and has evolved into a princess/cupcake/candy shop/everything girly room. In case you haven't noticed, the room is dark, dark brown- and yes, it is this dark in person. I honestly feel like no matter what I do to clean this room, it still doesn't look right because everything blends and looks terrible together.

We thought about painting the room, but decided not to spend our time and money on the project as we rent the house, and this dark brown paint was placed overtop of wallpaper- not nice. 

Holly has an expresso coloured furniture set, which doesn't exactly look great in this room. So, we recently added a small pink princess toddler bed to the room (throwing off the cupcake theme a bit),  which helped brighten it up. In another effort to brighten the ceiling (also painted for some reason), I made several pom-poms that hang from the ceiling. 

Now, it's time to work on details, and here are some of the upcoming projects in this bedroom that I will be updating on:

Stayed tuned for some girl room progress!

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