Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holly's Ballet Themed 3rd Birthday- Part Three (DIY Cupcake Toppers)

As I mentioned in parts one and two of Holly's ballet themed 3rd birthday posts, I had a really hard time finding any "ballet" themed decorations for her party, so I was left to stick with a simple pink and white colour scheme and a few easy DIY projects.

After completing my tissue paper ballerina wreath and finding lots of pink and white balloons and streamers, I wondered what to do about the cake.
I ended up choosing to do cupcakes alone, mostly because people are more likely to eat cupcakes than to cut a cake, and because they are more toddler friendly.

I started daydreaming about ballet cupcakes and decided on ballerina silhouette cupcake toppers with full skirts made of icing.

Here's how I made the toppers:

To start, I found a picture of a ballerina in the perfect pose and sized it on my computer. I then printed it and cut it out. 

I used my computer paper cut-out as a template to trace the silhouette onto some pink cardstock. I used the same textured scrapbook paper that I used on the invitations.
(I extended the torso of the silhouettes a bit because that part will be submerged in the icing skirt.)

After repeating a bazillion times, I cut out the pink silhouettes and erased all pencil marks.

Enter tape and toothpicks.

I taped a toothpick about halfway up each silhouette and my toppers were dunzo!

It took me ten minutes to make 30 of these, and it probably cost around $2.
Way better than spending $20+ at Michael's on brand name cupcake toppers that just get covered in icing and thrown away!


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