Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toddler Girl's Room Improvements: Closet Organization

Okay, so this is a terrible picture because my terrible camera performs terribly in terrible lighting. 
But, if you remember this post, I did a princess closet treatment in Holly's room, and decided that the bottom of the closet needed a little bit of toy organization.

Remember these pictures?

Well, two of the problems are tackled in this post.


First...'s what I did to organize the closet:

I went to Costco and bought these lovely tubs. They are huge and super bendable, so they stretch so fit a ton of toys. Can you guess how much they were?

$12.00 for two. Best deal ever.

The day I bought the tubs, I went home and filled them with the stuffed animals at the bottom of the closet. It took me 10 minutes and it made the closet look 100 times better.

I love, love, love the way it looks.


On another note...

I finally got around to getting a new (non-broken) curtain rod, so now that is checked off of the list as well! Yay!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Brooke's Ice-Cream Themed 4th Birthday- Part Two (The Party!)

After the invitations were made, it was time to get to the real party planning.

It turns out there aren't a whole lot of ice-cream-themed items on the party market right now, so as-per-usual, I decided to make everything myself!

Because Brooke's birthday just happened to fall on the weekend following my exam week, everything that I did was extremely last minute. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did under pressure.

Exhibit A: The Cake

This sweet little ice cream cake was iced in about 15 minutes (as you can tell by the cone), but I'm pretty pleased with it. I used this cake pan, which actually worked extremely well.


Exhibit B: The Sundae Bar

I decorated the table using super bright colours, but it felt like something was missing- so I quickly whipped up a little sign. Sure, It wasn't the greatest, but it got the point across.

Everyone's favourite part of the party, as predicted, was the sundae bar. I found the cutest clear containers at Dollarama and used them to hold all sorts of candy for sundaes- crumbled Hershey's cookies & cream bars, mini sour jujubes, sour gummy worms, gummy bears, sprinkles, and milk chocolate m&ms. Also provided was a bowl of cherries, chocolate & caramel syrups, whipped cream, and cones.

Of course, I wish I would have had more time to pay attention to details, but the sundae bar was still a huge hit!


Exhibit C: Games

All of the games we played were ice creamed themed, of course. I had several planned, but with so much gift and hot-potatoe distraction, the only one that the kids got around to playing was my "pin the ice cream on the cone". Holly won, beating out all of the adults, but everyone had fun.


Overall, I think the birthday girl was happy with her ice cream themed birthday party!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brooke's Ice-Cream Themed 4th Birthday- Part One (Invitations)

My boyfriend's daughter, Brooke's, fourth birthday party was a few weekends ago, and I, trying to adjust to an insanely busy new schedule, have been lagging on blogging about it.

The ice-cream theme was a quick decision- Brooke loved the idea, I had a million ideas for it, and it wasn't going to be very expensive at all, so we decided to give it a go!

First, there was the invites...
...and of course, being the girl who can't even buy invitations from a store, I decided to make my own!

 I used some sprinkles-looking scrapbooking paper and my printer to print out the information...

...and cut it out into an ice-cream scoop shape. I used a blank card as my base, and created a fun ice-cream outline from two-scoops and a drawn-on cone.

I glued the scoops down, cut out the final ice-cream shape, and coloured the cone with coloured pencils.

Look how amazing the cones look!!

I really wish I would have gotten a full length picture of the invites, but I didn't. 

The invitations of course folded in half to fit in the envelopes, and to give them an extra punch, I wanted there to be a message on them that was to be seen as soon as the envelope was opened!

So what did I do? I dug through my craft closet and found stamps! Hand stamped invites? Awesome.

I placed the stamps, picked a colour...

...and stamped!

...and stamped again!

I adore the way they turned out, and so did Brooke!

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