Monday, August 13, 2012

New In

Boyfriend and I decided some time ago that we would start collecting fragrances because, well, who doesn't like to smell good? Also, fragrances are a great go-to gift for both men and women, so it makes birthdays and other holidays that much easier to buy for.

With that, last week we were wandering our local mall and came across a sale at Bath & Body Works. These lovelies were on the clearance rack and combined ended up costing us under $20.

Let me just say that I highly, highly recommend both of these products.
I don't think that the stores are selling either of them anymore, but if you happen to see either on a clearance rack- don't hesitate.

Classic is Chris' new favourite, and I can distinguish it from all of his other colognes right away.
The Lemon & Pomegranate Body Spray is even better. It's honestly one of the best body sprays I've ever tried- long lasting and extremely summery and sweet. I'm in love.

Don't you love when you find a few favourite?

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