Friday, August 10, 2012

Toddler Girl's Room Improvements: New Bedding

This is Holly's new and improved bed.


Remember this post and these pictures?

Just look at that ugly old bed.
Well, I've already worked on and completed the closet (here and here) and fixed the rod (here), so I moved onto the bedding.

My aunt is completely to thank for this bedding. She created this amazing pink and brown quilt that I am absolutely in love with.

Damask, hearts, and paisley? What else could I ask for?

There are even hearts quilted into the blanket itself- my favourite part.

After I received the quilt, I requested a few matching pillow cases, and of courses she whipped them up for me. Now, Holly's pink and brown room looks much more complete.

That little cupcake pillow gets me every time, and now she matches the rest of the bed!

I love it so much, and so does Holly.

There are only a few more projects left in Holly's room, but I am so happy with the room as it is right now that I'm in no rush to get the other small things done.

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