Thursday, January 10, 2013


This blog started out as a place for me to share my life. As stated in my “about me” section, I’m a girly-girl and a very creative person, yet also a mom, girlfriend, and student beyond that. From all the stresses in my life, this blog became a positive outlet for me to share my ideas, favourite things, and creations.

In 2012, life really picked up for my family and myself. First, my boyfriend, Chris, graduated college and took on his first real job. Second, our children turned 3 and 4, the ages where things get really busy. But, the largest source of crazy in my life came from school. I transitioned from my third to fourth (and last!) year of University, and also decided to take on an internship in sales and advertising over the summer. 

With all of these changes came the dwindling of time for blogging. I think about this blog quite frequently. I have considered starting to post again but changing the main focus of the blog, and I have even considered re-vamping the entire blog and going in an entirely new direction.

Today I visited to find that I still get many, many page views a day and it got me thinking- I miss it. I’ve seen posts like this on blogs before. Posts where the writer talks of how the blog became more of a job than a creative outlet. This is what I want to avoid. What should I do. 

Until I figure out the right direction for HollyMuffin, I may or may not post, but I would love some advice. Does this blog need more of a concrete direction (since I feel like it’s very scattered in theme), or do I simply need to post more frequently?

Love, Kerri

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