Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle of the Mascaras: Maybelline's "The Rocket" vs. Benefit's "They're Real"

I've heard and read amazing things about Maybelline's "the Rocket" mascara. From what I've read online, the brush and results are similar to Benefit's "They're Real" (my current favourite).
So, a few days ago when I ran into the store to grab some liquid foundation (I use this on dry spots in the winter in place of my Bare Minerals), I decided to give the Rocket mascara a try. I figured that if the results were actually comparable, I could switch and save a fair amount of money.

I decided to compare.

The Rocket was on sale at Walmart for around $7, but from what I've seen online, the average price is $10 Canadian. They're Real on the other hand, retails for $23-$29 Canadian. That's over double the price.

I was eager to compare the brushes of these two mascaras, seeing as the brush on They're Real has become my absolute favourite.
Take a look:

The closer we get, the more noticeable are the differences.
First, the bristles clearly are not as long.
Second, There is a difference in the width of the brushes.
Third, the tip of the Rocket brush does not have any bristles (it is flat), while the tip of the They're Real brush has bristles in a rounded shape.


So how did these mascaras fare for me?

Myself wearing Benefit's "They're Real"


These photos were kind of hard to examine because they were taken with my face at two different angles, but as you can see, the mascaras are extremely similar. They're real made my lashes slightly longer and slightly more curled (they're almost touching my eyebrow, while with the Rocket they're a bit further away from the brow).

I needed to investigate further.


Okay, so maybe this is an excess of close-ups. But, I like to do my research in depth.

These close ups show the differences a bit more prominently.
These are my findings:

1. They're Real does give more length (again, check how close the lashes on the left are to my brow compared to the lashes on the right).
2. They're Real allows for easier workability (unclumping/getting in between lashes, moving lashes around, etc) because the bristles are deeper and there are bristles on the end of the brush.
3. The mount of curl in the lash in similar in both brands.
4. Beyond the brush, the actual consistency of the mascaras are very similar (they have the same thickness, take roughly the same amount of time to dry, and neither clumps easily)

In conclusion, I have decided that I still prefer Benefit's "They're Real" because the length of the bristles as well as the bristles on the end make the process of application a whole lot easier. Also, you can't go wrong with even an extra millimetre of length.
But, I have also decided to keep using Maybelline's "the Rocket". For less than half the price of "They're Real", it makes sense for me to wear the Rocket during the day (to school and on errand days), and keep They're Real for night time and special events. Honestly, this is probably going to save me a fair amount of money in the end, and who doesn't like to save money?


These two mascaras really don't have many differences beyond price and small brush differences. If you don't mind missing out on a bit of length, I do recommend the Rocket, but They're Real will always remain one of my favourites.

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