Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Battle of the Blushes: I Need Your Advice!

For some time now, I've been finding that blush breaks me out. I've been trying different drugstore brands, but after being let down time and time again, I'm ready to splurge.

I have extremely acne prone skin, so what I need most is something that wont break me out. So far, my online research has lead me to choose between these two products:
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush:

It seems that online, this stuff is frequently given the title of the best blush in existence. I've read that although it may not last 12 hours, it's extremely high quality. Tarte claims that the amazonian clay does something to balance complexion as well, which is what I'm most interested in.

What I worry about is that I've never tried a Tarte product before. If the amazonian clay blush ends up reacting badly with my skin, I've wasted a significant amount of money ($31 at Sephora).

Bare Minerals Blush:

I've been using Bare Minerals products for years, so I know that this blush won't break me out-  it's a very safe choice (and being $24 at Sephora, it's priced significantly lower than the Tarte blush).

The only issue is that I really, really want to try something new. I want to start trying new brands, but have been so hesitant because my skin is holding me back.

This is where you come in.
I need you to comment or tweet me your thoughts: Tarte or Bare Minerals blush!?

Keep in mind that my biggest concern is acne. I'm not worried about choosing a colour right now- that will come later. Right now, I just want to know which blush might be better suited for my skin.

Comment here on the blog, or tweet me your opinion here.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mourning A Loss- My First Chanel

On the day of purchase (clearly celebrating with Doritos)

A few months ago, an unfortunate event occured. I won't get into details, because we still aren't sure exactly what happened, but my very first pair of Chanel sunglasses were stolen.

These glasses were so special to me. They weren't just my first Chanel sunglasses, they were my first Chanel anything (besides nail polish).

Ever since I first started immersing myself in the fashion world as a teenager, it was my goal in life to own Chanel sunglasses (I actually remember looking to the girls on Laguna Beach and wishing I could afford theirs).

For my 20th birthday, Chris took me to Saks Fifth Avenue and told me to pick a pair of sunglasses. I gravitated towards the Chanel 5187H glasses in black.
They had a beautiful cat eye shape. On each side, there were two flowers, each with a real pearl in the centre. Beside the flower was, of course, the trademark Chanel C's. I literally fell in love.

I know they're just an object and that I may be a very materialistic person, but I had big plans for these glasses. I wore them every single day, and they made me so happy. I had plans of keeping these glasses for my entire life, and then passing them onto Holly when she was ready. But now, that's impossible.

It's been 2 or 3 months since my glasses went missing, and when I think about them, I still get really sad. I will admit that when Chris bought them for me, it really was on a whim- we really didn't have the money, the boy just loves to spoil me. Now, I have to accept that it may be years before I own another pair because realistically, there are much more important things to spend money on (student loan payments, savings, etc.). I'm okay with that- I just wish I still had these ones.

Until the day we meet again, I am mourning the loss of my first Chanel.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

California Roll in a Bowl

Lately I've been on a ridiculous sushi kick- I could eat it every single day, twice a day.
Whats the problem with craving sushi all the time? First of all, sushi is expensive. Second, although I know how to make it at home, it takes too long.
So, I needed an alternative.

I decided to make my own "sushi salad"- a very basic california roll in a bowl.

As a base, I used one serving of minute rice, and then chose my mix-ins: crab meat, avocado, and cucumber.

I chopped it all up, threw it in a bowl, added a bit of salt...and that's it.

I'm such a plain eater that this was perfect for me. But, it's easy to see that there are endless possibilities here. You could add any sauce, chopped seaweed, more vegetables, or anything else typically found in sushi to spice it up.

The best part? My cali roll in a bowl only took 5 minutes to make, and cost significantly less than ordering out. Win-win.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Belated February 2013 Topbox Review

So this is another very late Topbox review. For some reason, I hold off until the last minute to post about my Topboxes, probably because I want to make sure I test out all of the products well enough to review.

I really didn't think anything could top last month's Topbox, but this month did. Why? Because I was lucky enough to get a Benefit prive box this month.

Benefit is currently one of my favourite brands, and in this Topbox I got to test out some of the older (but classic) Benefit products, along with some new and fresh products from the brand. Not only that, but this box included six samples compared to the usual four!

Here we go with the review:

I had to show off the pretty Benefit packaging.

From the top, and then left to right:

1. Fine-One-One (Full Size $36): This a new Benefit product that I actually really wanted to try before I got it in my box, but I can't lie- I'm not a fan. It's not bad, but I would much rather contour myself. I'm  not a fan of the fact that the two colours are so similar (I would have preferred one too be more of a bronze and one more of a coral). It also made me break out because I'm used to using powder blush. I'm sure the full sized version of this product would be easier to use and possibly produce better results, but for now I'll stay away.

2. Total Moisture Facial Cream (Full Size $42): This moisturizer is absolutely fantastic. I've been battling with finding a great moisturizer for the last little while (which you may see on the blog soon), and I must say that I'm blown away by this stuff. It's extremely rich and creamy, doesn't feel oily at all, and it didn't make me break out. I will definitely be purchasing this moisturizer full sized when I run out of the sample.

3. Benetint (Full Size $36): It's really funny that although I love Benefit, I had actually never tried Benetint before getting this sample. I had tried Posietint and Chachatint and really didn't care for them, but this came as a surprise. I love the colour that benetint has- It's very berry-like and you can build it up if you layer it on either your lips or cheeks. Maybe benetint just suits my colouring better than the other Benefit tints, but I'm a fan.

4. Dandelion Gloss (Full Size $18): This gloss smells amazing (I got a hint of grapefruit possibly?) and goes on so sheer and light. It's not sticky at all, so basically, it's great. One problem- I can't imagine spending $18 on any lipgloss, so I probably won't be purchasing it full sized.

5. POREfessional (Full Size $34): This stuff works great. I can't lie, I had low expectations for it- I've tried so many primers that never really make a difference, but this was actually a surprise for me. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like it actually did minimize the look of my pores compared to my usual primer (Bare Minerals), so I may just purchase it again. 

6. Dandelion Powder (Full Size $36): I was happy to see that this powder is actually a light pink colour with a bit of shimmer in it, and even more happy to notice that it has a light smell to it. It's adorable, but I didn't really feel like it brightened my face any, and for the price, I probably won't be purchasing it (I stick to Bare Minerals and Covergirl Clean powder).


I'm really loving Topbox's Prive boxes- getting to try out all of these products makes me feel like it's my birthday every month. The only problem is that I feel a bit hooked- I've been looking into every other monthly subscription box on the market but holding back because of the prices.

What's your favourite monthly subscription box?

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