Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mourning A Loss- My First Chanel

On the day of purchase (clearly celebrating with Doritos)

A few months ago, an unfortunate event occured. I won't get into details, because we still aren't sure exactly what happened, but my very first pair of Chanel sunglasses were stolen.

These glasses were so special to me. They weren't just my first Chanel sunglasses, they were my first Chanel anything (besides nail polish).

Ever since I first started immersing myself in the fashion world as a teenager, it was my goal in life to own Chanel sunglasses (I actually remember looking to the girls on Laguna Beach and wishing I could afford theirs).

For my 20th birthday, Chris took me to Saks Fifth Avenue and told me to pick a pair of sunglasses. I gravitated towards the Chanel 5187H glasses in black.
They had a beautiful cat eye shape. On each side, there were two flowers, each with a real pearl in the centre. Beside the flower was, of course, the trademark Chanel C's. I literally fell in love.

I know they're just an object and that I may be a very materialistic person, but I had big plans for these glasses. I wore them every single day, and they made me so happy. I had plans of keeping these glasses for my entire life, and then passing them onto Holly when she was ready. But now, that's impossible.

It's been 2 or 3 months since my glasses went missing, and when I think about them, I still get really sad. I will admit that when Chris bought them for me, it really was on a whim- we really didn't have the money, the boy just loves to spoil me. Now, I have to accept that it may be years before I own another pair because realistically, there are much more important things to spend money on (student loan payments, savings, etc.). I'm okay with that- I just wish I still had these ones.

Until the day we meet again, I am mourning the loss of my first Chanel.


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