Monday, April 22, 2013

A Late, Late, Late March 2013 Topbox Review

What have I learned over the past few months? I've very bad at timing by blog posts. Every single one of my Topbox posts is done late (sorry!).

Anyways, this month, Topbox offered a few Prive boxes, including an Aveda box. I opted to go with the regular Topbox simply because after years of working on it, my haircare routine is pretty down pat. I really had no use for trying out expensive hair care products. I'm more for makeup and perfume.

Before you dive into the review, please note that I was supposed to receive L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil as one of my samples, but because Topbox was short, they replaced mine with some Clinique eyeshadow. I really didn't mind when they emailed me about the swap, but then I got the box and realized that the eyeshadow duo they sent me this month was exactly the same (shade and all) as the eyeshadow duo I received in my February Clinique Prive Topbox.
I sent the people over at Topbox a quick email, and to my delight, they responded quickly and politely to tell me that they were sorry about the repeat sample, and that my April Topbox would include an extra sample to make up for the mistake. I'll let you know if all goes smoothly, but I'm so impressed with how they handled the situation!

So, this is the March 2013 regular Topbox review:

1. Aveda's Caribbean Therapy Body Cream (Full Size $42): This stuff is totally rich and creamy, which I love. It seems to really moisturize in comparison to some lighter hand creams, so in general, I'm a fan. The only thing that I really didn't like was the scent (see a description here)- it just wasn't for me. I prefer vanilla or floral scents, so for the price, I won't be considering purchasing it full sized.

2. See by Chloe (Full Size $85 for 50mL or $105 for 75mL): In contrast to the Aveda cream, this scent is amazing. It's light, floral, girly, and perfect for summer (see a description here). I might actually purchase the full size, although it's a little pricey.

3. Clinique's Eyeshadow duo in "Link Mink" (Full Size) *In place of L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil*: As I mentioned above, I have received this sample before. You can read my review of this eyeshadow here. Basically, I love it (so I'm happy to have another one)!

4. MaskerAide's Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask ($4.99 for one mask or 4/$19 on I actually received another MaskerAide mask in a previous TopBox, but didn't review it on the blog. That mask was great (I can't remember the name!), but I must admit, this one was 100 times better. First of all, the entire concept of these masks is so smart (who doesn't hate applying goop to their face?). Second, the smell of the mask is amazing. Third, the mask is actually as hydrating as you would want it to be. After I left the mask on for the recommended amount of time, I removed it and patted the extra serum into my skin and I honestly cannot stress how good it felt- dewy, clean, fresh, amazing. I'm not sure how well these are benefiting my acne prone skin, but if you like a good mask, I highly, highly recommend MaskerAide for the intense hydration and the lack of mess.

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