Monday, April 29, 2013

I Finished University!

Last Thursday, something fantastic happened to me- I finished my undergraduate education. I now hold honours bachelor's degrees in both psychology and communications, media, and film. I feel so unbelievably proud, happy, accomplished, and excited (and a million other emotions) to be done that I can't even fully describe it.

Right now, I'm enjoying being finished and focusing on my post grad-goals, which I will be posting about very soon. I haven't fully decided whether or not I will continue my education or not. There are multiple doors open for me, and I may or may not choose to pursue one of those opportunities depending on where life takes me in the next few years. I'm not saying that I'm finished my education forever (Ideally, I wouldn't mind holding a PhD someday!).

So, did I learn anything?


My psych degree has taught me so much about the way people work. I'm sure my boyfriend gets sick of me talking about all of the interesting studies I've read, but I can't help it- I love empirically supported research. This degree has also given me so much information in the area of parenting and child development. Obviously, as a parent, I chose to take multiple courses that applied to child development, and I'm so glad that I did. I'm not interested in pursuing it right now, but I have left the door open to further my education in psychology in the future. I absolutely love science, math, and the human mind.

My communications degree had made me extremely media conscious. I'm not sure that before I became a communications major, I ever considered media to be as political or as important as it actually is. I've become more media literate and savvy than ever before, and taken a real interest in advertising, public relations, and current events because of it. Writing has always been a love of mine, and my communications degree really helped me accentuate that- for my final undergraduate paper, I actually conducted my own research on high end vs. low end cosmetics advertising (interesting stuff!). I would love to be able to work in this field someday.

In conclusion, I'm extremely happy to finally be writing this post.
I just want to say it again- I'm a university graduate!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That's a major accomplishment! CONGRATS!!!! :)


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