Friday, May 31, 2013


We moved about a month and a half ago and discovered our new home is extremely close to a huge park. In addition to a playground, the park has a walking trail, a dog walking area, a baseball diamond, a soccer field, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a pool with a waterside, diving board, and splash-pad. So, almost every day that we are able to, we've been spending our days at the park. I think it's going to be our favourite spot this summer.

Holly's been thoroughly enjoying the sunny days at the park, and we're both loving dressing her up in summer clothes. 

On rainy days (which there have been plenty of around here lately) we've been working on puzzles and introducing Holly to our favourite board games. She's become a pro and Candy Land and The Game of Life, and we're quickly learning that family game nights might be around for years to come.
*I wanted to also note that I've discovered a love for Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles. They're so durable compared to cardboard puzzles, and have the sweetest pictures.

During our boring mornings without Daddy, Holly and I have also taken up about a zillion other DIY projects, including awesome pasta jewellery. She's been making bracelets, necklaces, and rings galore (how to keep a 4-year-old busy 101!).

The girl you see above enjoying the summer weather is a welcomed change from last week, when we spent a large amount of time in the hospital with her. After catching the flu, Holly ended up becoming extremely dehydrated (although I tried so hard not to let it get to that point) and getting to the point where her sugars had plummeted and she could barely move. We took her to the hospital out of concern, and I'm extremely glad we did, because she had to be placed on an IV for almost 8 hours in order to increase her sugars. It took 6 days days, but she did get better. Needless to say, it was scary and I hope she never has to go through it again.

What have you been up to lately?
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