Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post Grad Goals

This past thursday, I walked the stage and officially graduated university. It was one of the best days of my life so far.

A few months ago, I wrote this post about completing my degrees and how fulfilling it feels, and now, I'd like to give some insight to my post-grad goals.

  • Building my career- I haven't worked in over four years (besides interning for an amazing local magazine, unpaid), so now is the time for me to work on building my work experience.
  • Continuing to blog- This blog has become such an incredible creative outlet for me. I plan on blogging more now than ever, and expanding the entire creative process surrounding my blog.
  • Reading- While in school, it became very difficult to find time to read non-school related books. As soon as I finished, I dove right into reading the stack of books I'd been saving, and I have plenty more to go.
  • Writing a novel- It's always been on my bucket list to write a novel, and while in school it seemed impossible to take time away from writing papers and reading assigned books to start. Since graduating, I have begun the writing process.
  • Organization- Since my life will be settling down and regulating after years of chaos, I've vowed to organize my surroundings. I've always loved an organized home, but an entirely organized life is in my sights now.
  • Saving and educating myself on money- Saving for the future is very important to me, and now that Chris and I are itching to buy our own home, it's time for us to start learning about money in a real way. 
  • Furthering my education- I've been asked this question time and time again lately and I'm not exactly sure about the answer. I have several doors open to me currently for furthering my education, and I'm not sure which I want to pursue, if any. Continuing my education is constantly on my mind.
  • Family- It seems like Chris and I are constantly being asked when we plan on adding to our family and/or getting married. We both want one more child and do want to get married, but right now, these things just aren't our priority. Right now, I plan on preparing Holly for her first year of school and spending as much time as I can with my family.

On a side note- Yes, I did miss a father's day blog post due to all of the graduation festivities (I did post on Instagram).
Happy belated father's day everyone!

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