Monday, August 26, 2013

Holly Muffin Social Media Part 2: Keeping A Clean Pinterest

If you're a blogger, you know how vital Pinterest can be (finding ideas, posting your own ideas, generating traffic, etc.). I've read so many blog posts in the days since Pinterest began on how to properly use the site to it's full potential, and up until lately, I've been breaking one of the cardinal rules... I've been keeping a messy Pinterest.

When I started this little Pinterest cleanup project, I had over 30 boards, all which were labeled very general things like "beauty" and "cakes". Within these albums, I had useless pins, repeated pins, and I had mixed a lot of my own blog's pins with other pins. All in all, a complete throw up of pins.

One day, as I was trying to find a specific recipe pin, I realized something had to be done about it, so I spent the next hour rearranging, deleting, and renaming everything. The end result is something I love- a totally organized Pinterest. 

What did I do?

First, I narrowed my number of boards from 30+ to only 21. Second, and more important (I think), is that I gave almost every category (recipes or beauty for example) 2 different boards- one for inspiration pins (things from other blogs and websites I like) and one for pins from my own blog. This way, when people follow me they can browse my albums knowing exactly what's coming from me and Holly Muffin and what's not. There's no confusion. Below are some examples of how my Pinterest is organized now.

How did this cleanup change things?

In the 2 weeks post Pinterest cleanup, I've noticed increased traffic as well as increased repins from my blog's albums. Also, when I'm pinning or looking for a pin, I know exactly where to go (ah, the joys of organization). It generally feels better not to have a bunch of useless boards either- I feel like now, strangers who follow me on Pinterest can get a sense of who I am and what I do.

Is your Pinterest organized? Get on it!

By the way... you can follow me on Pinterest here!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

June 2013 Topbox Review

As I previously mentioned, I decided to give up my monthly subscription to Topbox. I'm aware that this post is extremely late (as are most of my Topbox posts), but I just really like to fully and properly try these products before I give a review.

1. Belvada Cosmetics Mini Eyelash Curler (Full Size $5.99): This little eyelash curler actually really surprised me. It's been years since I actually considered using an eyelash curler daily, but this one is so compact and works so well that I can't help but keep it in my bag. For the price, how can you go wrong? I would say it works better than the more expensive Revlon LED heated eyelash curler that I have, so I would definitely recommend it.

2. Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss (Full Size $19): In general, I don't wear lipgloss because it's too sticky, but I love the texture of Benefit's lipgloss over any other lipgoloss. beyond the texture (not too sticky), it smells ah-mazing and comes in the cutest packaging. As much as I like it, I probably wouldn't shell out $19 for lipgloss either way.

3. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Fairy Lashes Mascara (Full Size $24): I absolutely love this mascara. It's one of the coolest products I have ever received in a Topbox and for that reason, I did a full review on it- check it out here.

4. Pari Beauty Colour Cubes (Full Size $30/5 stack, $35/8 stack): Also another one of the best samples I've ever received in a Topbox (that would happen in my last box ever), these cubes of loose powder are perfect. I got two amazing colours- #04 & 19. I've been using the pink to kick up my blush, and the gold as a beautiful eyeshadow. Beyond how nice and shimmery the colours are, the powders can be layered for a more prominent effect. I just love these powders. You can check out some photos of these awesome colour cubes below!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting Personal

If you read, you know that my family consists of myself, my boyfriend Chris, and our girls Brooke and Holly. Seeing as I don't exactly live the "normal" life of a 23 year old, these three are my entire world and I spend nearly every waking minute with at least one of them.

With that, I'm leading to a bit of a dilemma. I've been writing this blog for some time now, and have mostly kept the content hobby oriented- food, home, beauty, etc. My hobbies are a big part of my life, but I find that when family life gets busy, I let my projects fall by the wayside. This is fine, but when it comes to blogging, I end up with no content. This is why lately I've really been considering bringing more of my personal life into my blog.

I read many blogs on a daily basis- many of them are strictly hobby based, while many of them mesh hobby and personal life. I used to enjoy blogs solely for the photos and the quick scroll, but lately I've been really taking the time to read some of the more lengthy posts because in all actuality, I learn things from these bloggers. Bloggers come from all different places, all walks of life, and have different struggles and accomplishments. I love both cases, where either I can completely identify with a blogger or learn something I didn't know. 

I still have yet to decide which parts of my personal life I will be allowing into my blog, but I think that due to the fact that this is my space, it's a good idea.

I would love to know- Did you make the conscious decision to incorporate more of your personal life into your blog? How did you go about doing it?
Further, when you read other blogs, do you enjoy this type of content, or do you scroll right past it?


Monday, August 12, 2013

I Can't Wear Lipstick- A No Top Lip Problem

I've recently developed a love for lipstick, and also recently realized that I'm not sure I can wear it.
Why? Because I have no top lip.

You can view the photos below and see what I mean by "no top lip". After I took these photos and viewed them, I actually thought they didn't look that bad. Maybe it's the colour, lighting, or the fact that they're photos. In real life, I find that lipstick just looks awkward and unfitting on my face (in any colour).

The problem lies in that my bottom lip is a decent size, while my top lip is basically non-existent. This causes a transfer of  lipstick from over my bottom lip to the space between my nose and upper lip quite often. When I talk or rub my lips together at all, I always find lipstick far above my upper lip. It happens with lip glosses and balms as well. I tend to stick with thicker products that are colour free and wont move as easily.

I've recently purchased a product called "No Bleeding Lips"- a clear lipliner intended to prevent lipstick transfer. I plan on trying it out as soon as I can and posting about the results.

Do you have any recommendations on how to prevent this transfer?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 Books I'm Currently Dying to Purchase

Images via Amazon- 1, 2
I'm absolutely adoring the idea of these books. One for myself, one for the girls.

The concept is simple- a Q&A a day. One different question everyday (365 questions) repeated for 3 (kids book) or 5 years (adult book) to allow for comparison of answers.
For myself, it would be so interested to see how my answers to the same questions change as my life evolves and I grow into adulthood. For kids, it would be amazing to see how one year could completely change the content of an answer.

These books have been added to my current want list. What's on yours?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holly Muffin Social Media Part 1: BlogLovin

Do you use Bloglovin'?

When Google Reader shut down I noticed a lot of bloggers pushing it, and for good reason. I love Bloglovin for the sheer reason that the site compiles the posts from all of your favourite bloggers into a neat and tidy reading list. Who doesn't love convenience like that?

 In case you didn't know- HollyMuffin is on Bloglovin.

If you'd like to follow HollyMuffin on Bloglovin click here (or click on the Bloglovin social media icon in the upper right corner).
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