Monday, August 26, 2013

Holly Muffin Social Media Part 2: Keeping A Clean Pinterest

If you're a blogger, you know how vital Pinterest can be (finding ideas, posting your own ideas, generating traffic, etc.). I've read so many blog posts in the days since Pinterest began on how to properly use the site to it's full potential, and up until lately, I've been breaking one of the cardinal rules... I've been keeping a messy Pinterest.

When I started this little Pinterest cleanup project, I had over 30 boards, all which were labeled very general things like "beauty" and "cakes". Within these albums, I had useless pins, repeated pins, and I had mixed a lot of my own blog's pins with other pins. All in all, a complete throw up of pins.

One day, as I was trying to find a specific recipe pin, I realized something had to be done about it, so I spent the next hour rearranging, deleting, and renaming everything. The end result is something I love- a totally organized Pinterest. 

What did I do?

First, I narrowed my number of boards from 30+ to only 21. Second, and more important (I think), is that I gave almost every category (recipes or beauty for example) 2 different boards- one for inspiration pins (things from other blogs and websites I like) and one for pins from my own blog. This way, when people follow me they can browse my albums knowing exactly what's coming from me and Holly Muffin and what's not. There's no confusion. Below are some examples of how my Pinterest is organized now.

How did this cleanup change things?

In the 2 weeks post Pinterest cleanup, I've noticed increased traffic as well as increased repins from my blog's albums. Also, when I'm pinning or looking for a pin, I know exactly where to go (ah, the joys of organization). It generally feels better not to have a bunch of useless boards either- I feel like now, strangers who follow me on Pinterest can get a sense of who I am and what I do.

Is your Pinterest organized? Get on it!

By the way... you can follow me on Pinterest here!

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