Monday, August 12, 2013

I Can't Wear Lipstick- A No Top Lip Problem

I've recently developed a love for lipstick, and also recently realized that I'm not sure I can wear it.
Why? Because I have no top lip.

You can view the photos below and see what I mean by "no top lip". After I took these photos and viewed them, I actually thought they didn't look that bad. Maybe it's the colour, lighting, or the fact that they're photos. In real life, I find that lipstick just looks awkward and unfitting on my face (in any colour).

The problem lies in that my bottom lip is a decent size, while my top lip is basically non-existent. This causes a transfer of  lipstick from over my bottom lip to the space between my nose and upper lip quite often. When I talk or rub my lips together at all, I always find lipstick far above my upper lip. It happens with lip glosses and balms as well. I tend to stick with thicker products that are colour free and wont move as easily.

I've recently purchased a product called "No Bleeding Lips"- a clear lipliner intended to prevent lipstick transfer. I plan on trying it out as soon as I can and posting about the results.

Do you have any recommendations on how to prevent this transfer?

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