Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Isn't Just My Birthday

Today I turn 23, but today isn't just my birthday. Today, my parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

25 years is a long time, especially to be married. I've known for a long time how lucky I am to have parents who love each other as much as mine do and have made it work for as long as mine have, but for the past few weeks, it's really been on my mind . Of course. I've seen them fight, argue, and get extremely annoyed with each other, but I've also seen them laugh, joke, and work through problems together my entire life. They've actually build a life together from the bottom up- it's something you'd see in a movie.

The photo above is my favourite photo of them together. I think my mom is about 16 in the photo, which would make my dad 19 or 20. It's crazy to me that this is how long they've been together- they had already been married for 4 years when my mom was my age. This photo reminds me of what we have and also reminds me of how positive an influence they've been on my life. My sister and I are extremely lucky girls to have them as ours.

Right now, they're in Cuba celebrating. They haven't been on a vacation together since their honeymoon 25 years ago, so I truly hope they're having an amazing time. Basically, congratulations to my parents for 25 years of marriage, and I can't wait to celebrate the 50 year mark.

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