Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Look A Lot Older Than I Am

When I was younger, probably around 17, people started telling me I looked a lot older than I was. Ever since then, it's become kind of a trend.
When I turned 19 and became of legal age to buy alcohol in Canada, it took me almost a year to ever get ID'd at a liquor store. I still rarely get ID'd for anything.

When I started working retail about 6 months ago, I began interacting with a ton of women everyday, mostly middle aged and elderly. Over the past few months I've been repeatedly hearing small references to my age- but it's no where near my actual age.

The average guess seems to be anywhere from 28-32.
I actually just turned 23.

I must admit that I do know why this happens. I think not only have I always looked older, but I dress older than I am (in comparison to other girls my age that I know), I talk about my kids and house, and I'm probably in the same mindset as someone 28-32 years of age.

The problem is that I guess it's been on my mind a lot lately. It doesn't exactly bother me, I just think about it a lot. If I lost weight would I look younger? Should I dress differently? When I'm 30 am I going to look 50?

I think it gets to me because my mom and grandma both look fairly young. Also, Chris looks exceptionally young for his age so sometimes I feel like he looks like my younger brother. He gets ID'd for everything and people constantly make references to the fact that he looks like he's 15. I worry that when we're 40, he'll look 20 and I'll look 60. Scary.

I can't lie, I've already started using anti-aging products (although I know they probably won't work). I know I probably shouldn't think about it as much as I do because it's rather unchangeable, but I can't help it. I guess I've discovered a new area to be self conscious about, which is just awesome. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Joe Fresh's Duo Concealer Review new favourite accidental find.
I had never tried any Joe Fresh beauty product before this concealer, and to be honest, the day I ended up purchasing this I was looking for a cheap blush. I didn't end up getting any blush (maybe that's next) but I found a product I'll be continuing to buy from now on.

 Reasons why I love this concealer:
1. It has both a liquid and a cream concealer, both of which are great quality. The liquid is the perfect consistency for me, and the cream stick is a bit thicker for those hard to cover spots. Who can resist a 2-in-1 anything, anyways?
2. It doesn't make me break out. Usually when I use anything but mineral foundation, I break out like crazy, but this concealer surprised me.
3. It's ridiculously cheap for what you get- $8!

Cream stick on the top, liquid on the bottom. This is the shade "Light".

I'm already on my second tube of this concealer, and I'm sure there will be a third.
If you're looking for a budget concealer that really does the trick, I highly recommend this stuff!

Friday, October 4, 2013

On Trying to Find a Direction Post-Grad

Via Tumblr

I've discussed a few times before that I graduated university this past April. Graduating university was extremely important to me, and in the end, I ended up completing two 4-year degrees (two honours B.A.s) in 3 school years. Basically, I worked extremely hard, took full course loads through two summers, and even did course overload a few semesters. I even managed to work a 2-term internship into that equation.

Not to sound full of myself here, but I'm exceptionally proud of myself for doing what I did. When I started university, Holly and Brooke were 1 and 2, and when I graduated they had just turned 4 and 5. When I look back and realize how young they were when I started, how much we went through in the 3 years I was in school, and how I ended up graduating a year early with phenomenal grades and holding down an internship, I start to think I can do anything I set my mind to.

Basically, all that leads to now- 5 months after my last day of university classes, I'm working a retail job and considering my options. I'm trying to find a direction, and I'm having a really hard time finding one.

I apply to several jobs per week, but finding work with my degree (communications) in the area we live is proving near impossible without 10+ years of experience. The majority of work in the field respective to my degree is 4 hours away in Toronto, and for obvious reasons (Brooke living here with her mother) we can't move 4 hours away right now. I can't lie, I, like most other recent graduates, had completely unrealistic post-grad expectations and now the real world is kicking me right in the face. I found my job in retail right after I started looking for something, but now I'm at a standstill because clearly it's not what I'd hoped for.

I'm someone who can't stop thinking about the future. I worry, I wonder, and I plan. I can't sit still. After job hunting and working a completely irrelevant job for the last 5 months, I've deciding to go back to school.

I was warned when I began university that I might need further schooling to give me some "real skills" post-grad, and now I truly understand what that means. University taught me a whole lot of theory and some great writing and research skills and maybe helped me review some high school math, but didn't add a whole lot to my resume. Employers want to see concrete things that I know, and I'm now realizing that only more schooling will provide that to me.

 I did my research this time- checking locally to see salary ranges, availability, etc. and have my mind set on going back to school for human resource management. To be in the field, I will have to be educated about things such as accounting and claims- concrete skills.

I'm still really confused and sometimes question my decision. Why? Because this might be my last chance to get it right. I can't just keep going to school if things don't work out. I also still have to decide which type of schooling to go for (a masters degree or a post graduate diploma- both have their benefits). Basically, my plan is to be back in school by next September because I feel like I'm slowing my own life down. I want to buy a house, get married, possibly expand our family, and although I know school is an investment, it just slows things down for another year.

I'm sure I'll figure this all out, it just feels really good to write about my post-grad frustration/confusion.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Throw Away Anything With A Magnet On it- A Washi Tape Magnet DIY

A few weeks ago I realized how many ready to upcycle magnets I had on my fridge being super ugly and decided to do something about it. Enter washi tape- one of the best crafting tools of all time.

You know these note pads that stick to your fridge? They all have different sized magnets on the back, and when you finish the note pad, you throw it out. Basically, I'm telling you to never throw away one of these magnets. Rip it off and save it.

I've been collecting the magnets for some time now knowing I would do something crafty with them, so I had upwards of 10.

The paper is extremely hard to get off, so to get an even look underneath the washi tape (most is relatively transparent) it's easiest to just colour it in with a black sharpie.

I bought this super fun washi tape at Michaels- one on clearance and one using a 50% off coupon. For 5 rolls it cost me around $10.

The purple chevron is my fav. 

Obviously, I took the magnets, applied washi tape, and trimmed the edges. Instead of cutting the bigger magnets, I combined colours and patterns to cover the surface.

...and in 10 minutes I had a bunch of cute magnets.

Holly also helped out and made her own!

Easy, quick, and cute- the perfect DIY project.

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