Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Throw Away Anything With A Magnet On it- A Washi Tape Magnet DIY

A few weeks ago I realized how many ready to upcycle magnets I had on my fridge being super ugly and decided to do something about it. Enter washi tape- one of the best crafting tools of all time.

You know these note pads that stick to your fridge? They all have different sized magnets on the back, and when you finish the note pad, you throw it out. Basically, I'm telling you to never throw away one of these magnets. Rip it off and save it.

I've been collecting the magnets for some time now knowing I would do something crafty with them, so I had upwards of 10.

The paper is extremely hard to get off, so to get an even look underneath the washi tape (most is relatively transparent) it's easiest to just colour it in with a black sharpie.

I bought this super fun washi tape at Michaels- one on clearance and one using a 50% off coupon. For 5 rolls it cost me around $10.

The purple chevron is my fav. 

Obviously, I took the magnets, applied washi tape, and trimmed the edges. Instead of cutting the bigger magnets, I combined colours and patterns to cover the surface.

...and in 10 minutes I had a bunch of cute magnets.

Holly also helped out and made her own!

Easy, quick, and cute- the perfect DIY project.

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