Thursday, October 10, 2013

Joe Fresh's Duo Concealer Review new favourite accidental find.
I had never tried any Joe Fresh beauty product before this concealer, and to be honest, the day I ended up purchasing this I was looking for a cheap blush. I didn't end up getting any blush (maybe that's next) but I found a product I'll be continuing to buy from now on.

 Reasons why I love this concealer:
1. It has both a liquid and a cream concealer, both of which are great quality. The liquid is the perfect consistency for me, and the cream stick is a bit thicker for those hard to cover spots. Who can resist a 2-in-1 anything, anyways?
2. It doesn't make me break out. Usually when I use anything but mineral foundation, I break out like crazy, but this concealer surprised me.
3. It's ridiculously cheap for what you get- $8!

Cream stick on the top, liquid on the bottom. This is the shade "Light".

I'm already on my second tube of this concealer, and I'm sure there will be a third.
If you're looking for a budget concealer that really does the trick, I highly recommend this stuff!

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