Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013


Happy November 1st!
Halloween is over, and although it was quite terrible this year, Holly muffin had an amazing time.

Let's gush over some photos of my little rainbow glitter unicorn...

Basically, it was extremely rainy and windy last night. The weather forced me to make a 3 o'clock run to Walmart for rain boots and ponchos so we wouldn't want to give up come trick-or-treating. It was really gross.

We took our umbrellas and headed out to a local sub division around 6:15. We were out for about an hour an a half, and to my surprise, Holly really stuck it out. She didn't complain one time, and even asked to continue after our first rest break. It also helped that I purchased her costume in a bigger size to accommodate for warm clothes and managed to fit her entire raincoat underneath the dress. Her costume also came with a warm, furry hood and her rain boots matched her outfit perfectly.

In the end, she scored a ton of candy (only one mint!) and had a ton of fun. I'm super excited that Halloween is over because I really wasn't feeling it this year...and now I can focus on Christmas!

How was your Halloween?

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