Sunday, May 25, 2014

Broadway Nails Impress Press On Nails Review

A few weeks ago I received my very first Influenster Voxbox. When I opened the box and saw that I was to review Broadway Nails' Impress Press On Nails I almost died. I've been wanting to try these nails forever but have always been afraid of the quality and staying power any press on nail could possibly have.

I received two patterns of these nails, which is incredibly generous. I love both patterns, which made it that much easier to wear and review these nails.

Within a few hours of receiving the box, I applied the nails. Here is the result:

Each box came with multiple sizes that allowed me to find the perfect fit for each of my nails. After I sized out the nails I would be using, I cleaned my nails using both nail polish remover and the wipe included in the kit.

Next was application. These nails are so easy to apply it's ridiculous- you pull the plastic backing off of each nail and press and hold the nail on top of your own nail. The second these nails were applied I noticed how strong they felt. I tapped my nails on the table and they didn't budge.

I really wanted to get a feel for the maximum output of these nails, so I really tried to pay no attention to giving them special treatment. I typed all day at work, I bathed myself and my kids everyday, I did the dishes, and I opened cans of pop. They stayed on.

After five days of hardcore wear, I noticed a bit of lift around the bottom of my index finger. My hair kept getting caught underneath the nail, so I decided it was time to part with them. I'm telling you right now they probably could have lasted 7 days+ if I wasn't getting annoyed with my hair catching.

I almost couldn't believe the results I got with these nails. I started telling all my coworkers and friends about them and how well they stayed on right away.

In summary, these nails are extremely easy to apply, incredibly strong, and will stay on longer than any other press on nail I've ever tried. I will definitely be continuing to recommend them to everyone I know and will be purchasing them in the future.

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