Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On Renting

Our current rental

In April 2013, we were forced to leave our home of 2 years and move into a townhouse last minute.

Our landlords were an elderly couple who decided they were tired of the landlord grind, so they sold our house. We lived in the house for as long as we could dealing with showings and open houses because it was an amazing house in an amazing location and the rent was affordable.

So because we stayed as long as we could, we ended up being forced out pretty quickly when someone purchased the house. In the 8 months the house was up for sale we searched and searched for somewhere to live, but the rent prices had sky rocketed since the last time we had signed a lease.

We ended up finding our current home only 2 weeks before we needed to be out. I was, and still am, extremely disappointed with have I been with every place I've rented since I was 18.

Over the years, I've had endless problems with my landlords. From not not fixing things to not following landlord/tenant privacy laws, I've grown tired of the renting game. I know many people have great experiences with renting, it just hasn't been that way for me.


We are fortunate enough to live in a city where mortgages are actually significantly less than rent, making buying a house a very feasible option. The only problem is saving for a down payment which has proven to be incredibly difficult.

 I'm ready to have my own space. I'm ready to be able to decorate how I want, change what I want, and not feel violated.

Chris and I are currently working as hard as we possibly can to make buying our very own house a reality. I'll keep you updated!

In the mean time I'm curious to know- has renting been this bad for everyone?

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