Friday, September 12, 2014

The Good in the Bad

Over the past week, we’ve been having some trouble with one of our cars. The battery keeps draining and needing a boost to start again, but only when it feels like it. We thought we had fixed the problem until last night.

We went to view a house and about 5 minutes in to the drive home the car started shaking, all of the lights came on, and the car shut down and slowly rolled to a stop. It wouldn’t even start to turnover, so a jump from another car couldn’t help it this time. I called CAA and they sent someone to come and tow the car. At this point it was 6:15pm.

Half an hour later, I received a call from a tow truck driver. He informed me that they couldn’t find any drivers in our area to accommodate a child, so he was leaving now… from a location an hour away.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I lost it. I’m pregnant and fairy miserable, I had a terrible day at work, it was almost Holly’s bedtime, we hadn’t eaten anything yet, and we would have to wait another hour for someone to come and get us. I wouldn’t call any of my friends for a ride; I always been guilty for turning my problems in to other people’s burden. I just started to cry.  

At that point, Chris took it upon himself to call my best friend and ask her to come and get Holly and I while he waited in the car for the tow truck. Of course, she didn’t hesitate and was there within 10 minutes. She drove Holly and I all the way home and even stopped at McDonalds to get Holly some food. Chris ended up having to wait over an hour for the tow truck driver to arrive. He didn’t get home until 9:30pm.

Reflecting on the night, I notice how amazing the people in my life are. Chris waited a total of almost three hours at the side of the road on an empty stomach and in the cold for the truck to come. He did everything in his power to make sure Holly and I got home safe and sound earlier than he did. My best friend took over an hour out of the only evening she had off work this week to pick us up, bring us home, and drive back. When I tried to give her gas money or even insist she didn’t come, she refused.

Although this wasn’t a huge tragedy or an extremely dramatic event that happened in my life, this incident and the actions that followed really made me sit and think about the people I have chosen to be part of my life and who have chosen to let me be part of theirs.

I am incredibly thankful that I have a boyfriend who will always put our children and me ahead of himself to keep us safe and happy. I am also incredibly thankful that I have friends who will drop everything to help me when I need them.

I’ve been in kind of a slump lately (third trimester will do that to you) and today I feel like I’m looking at a bigger picture- a more positive picture of my life and surroundings. Sometimes it takes the bad for you to open your eyes to the good.

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