Friday, October 3, 2014

This Week 22

Happy October! This week has consisted of a lot of transitioning and stressful moments, but I'm happy to be where I am. Here's the down low:

1. We officially moved in to our new house! It was a lot of stress and craziness, but we did it. We ended up having more help than we thought, so we got to cancel our haul last minute to save a few bucks (I love friends with trucks). Beyond that, we have actually already unpacked like 80% of the house. I think we're doing well.

2. On Tuesday night (3 days after moving in) we ran our dishwasher for the first time and it flooded our entire kitchen and dining room. We didn't notice until the water started coming through the basement ceiling. On the downside, it turns out the previous owners totally lied to us, but on the upside, I got a new dishwasher to match my other new appliances!

3. I finally got to start working on the baby's room. Now that everything is unpacked, I've been able to take stock of what I still need to buy. There's only a month left so it's crunch time now!

Baby room beginnings

4. Holly started at her new school on Monday. She really isn't good with change of any kind, so it hasn't been going the greatest. I'm just happy she'll have over a month to adjust before we throw another curveball at her in the form of a baby brother.

Holly's first day at her new school

5. Our housewarming party is this weekend. I feel a little bit too pregnant to be hosting, but I'm sure it will be fine as long as I can manage to stay up past 9 p.m.

So how was your week?

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