Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's About To Get Real

My due date for baby boy is next Friday, November 7th. There are 8 days left until his expected arrival, which means that any day could be the day.

So far, I've seen two different reactions from the girls. Brooke has been very loving and excited all along- hugging me, talking to the baby, asking questions, etc. Holly on the other hand hasn't really cared all too much. I found this extremely weird because the baby will have much more of an effect on Holly than Brooke as Holly lives with us full time and Brooke is only here on weekends.

This uninterested attitude of Holly's has had me worried for a while. Will she be jealous? Will she be angry with me? When Brooke isn't here, will she act out?

These past two weeks as the talk about when the baby will arrive has increased, I've noticed a real change in Holly. She's become absolutely obsessed with both me and the baby- cuddling me, reading and singing to baby, and even talking about how she plans to help. Yesterday when I picked her up from school the first thing she did was get angry that the baby hadn't come yet. She claims she's tired of waiting to see what he looks like. Me too Holly, me too!

This sudden change in her behaviour (plus the fact that everything is finally ready to go for baby) really has me realizing that it's about to get real- I will soon be the mom of a baby boy and the girls will have a baby brother.

I'm ready to meet him!

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