Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#GameNight with Monopoly Junior

Earlier last week, we received an awesome package in the mail courtesy of Hasbro and Influenster - our very own copy of Monopoly Junior to review.

Our family has a massive collection of board games, but for some reason we didn't have this one. When Holly saw the box, she just about lost it. I mean, since when do you get things this cool in the mail?

The second we got home from the post office, we started playing.

Here is what I loved about the game:

This game is a bit more complicated than other kids games such as chutes and ladders or Candyland. I actually felt like Holly was being challenged but also having fun.

Holly is 5 and a half years old and in Senior Kindergarten. This game is perfect for her. Beyond basic counting to move spaces, she learned that to play like a grown up she would have to count money, read directions, and follow the rules.

I also absolutely loved that the rules were adapted to make the game less complicated for children.

Some of the adaptions include:
- There is only one die
- When you land on a property, it has to be purchased
- Rent is the same as purchase price
- Properties only come in groups of two, so when you own both, rent is doubled
- There are no railroads or utilities
- There are no houses or hotels. You simply claim the spaces you own with special tokens
- When someone runs out of money, the game is over. You can not mortgage properties or sell houses

In the week we've had this game we've already played it 7 times. Thanks again for the testing opportunity Influenster! #GameNight

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