Friday, February 6, 2015

On Getting Back In To The Baby Thing

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When CJ was born, it had been almost 6 years since I had Holly. Having a baby again terrified me.

The girls were 5 and 6 when I got pregnant. This was and still is the age that I love. Both girls are learning independence, exploring their likes and dislikes, and growing into little humans that I can have real conversations with. Although we planned for me to get pregnant with CJ, I was terrified to upset the balance of our household and even more terrified of how I would handle another difficult baby.

Fast forward to now. CJ is about to turn 3 months old and I've drawn some conclusions:

- A large age gap between children has both pros and cons. I can't determine if it's better to have kids close together or allow a 5 year age gap.
- Preparing for a baby almost 6 years after the last one is literally like starting over. It's difficult to go back to all of the stages you worked so hard to get through. But, it's also like riding a bike. You never forget how to change a diaper.
- It's much harder to go from having one kid full time to having two. It's incredibly difficult to split my attention between everything that needs it.
- I hate infant carseats. I actually forgot how brutal carrying that thing around is.
- Just because you have one difficult baby doesn't mean you'll have another difficult baby. CJ is easy peasy compared to Holly.
- Having support from your spouse is a complete game changer. This time around I didn't get post-partdom or feel the least bit sad or angry. That is 100% thanks to Chris.
- I'm happy I had my children young. I can't imagine being 10 or 20 years older and doing this- I'm exhausted as it is (Shout out to all of the older ladies doing this! You're amazing!).
- You will love your second just as much as your first. I was scared I wouldn't love or connect with CJ the way I connect with the girls, but boy was I wrong.
- This is my last baby. For sure. Definitely. Our family is complete.

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