Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quick and Easy Progress Chalk Boards

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I had planned for months to take monthly growth photos of CJ with a chalkboard sign, but when the one month mark came, I realized I had completely forgotten to purchase the sign. I had known how to make chalkboard paint from previous projects, but was at a loss for what to make the sign out of.

My boyfriend was making a frozen pizza when I noticed that the board the pizza rests on inside the box is a perfect circle. I immediately knew this was it!

Why was the pizza circle so perfect? First, it's the perfect size for progress pictures. It's big enough that the baby can hold it and it can be seen in photos, but not big enough that it overwhelms the baby. Second, it requires zero effort because it's pre-cut! It's ridiculously hard to cut a perfect circle, especially out of cardboard. Third, it's consistent. If I ever need to make another one, I know can. I also know that it will be the same size (I plan on keeping the size to show CJ's growth to scale).

How to create your super easy chalkboard sign:

1. Use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe down the pizza circle. 

2. Make chalk paint - Mix unsnapped grout and acrylic paint in equal parts until smooth.

3. Paint the pizza circle with the chalk paint and let it dry.

4. Use any chalk to write your message!

Within 5 minutes I had made chalkboard paint and painted the pizza circle - the perfect progress chalkboard!

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