Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our First Home - Bathroom Redo Part 1: Before

Since the day we purchased our home, I have been itching to redo the bathroom on the main level.

It's got amazing bones, but was carelessly completed. The house was a rental for years and it seems as though the tenants preferred dark and dramatic colours, even in the bathroom.

Take a look around the bathroom:

The vanity & sink.
The length of the room.
The toilet & paper holder.
The dated lighting & messy ceiling paint.
The vanity & door from the shower/toilet.

I have to admit that it was extremely hard to take decent photos with the harsh lighting and dark walls in this room. Either way, you can clearly see there's a lot of updating to do.

Here are our plans:

1. Remove the old door and frame (original to the home) and replace with a new pre-hung door
2. Remove all hardware and patch the walls
3. Fix the hole where the paper holder is
4. Paint the ceiling and walls
5. Replace all trim
6. Install new lighting
7. Install new hardware
8. Frame in the mirror
9. Add shelving over the toilet
10. Peel up the linoleum and tile the floor
11. Decorate

That's a huge list, but I think it's doable for us. To my relief, we won't be touching the cabinets or countertop. The countertop might be dated, but the cabinets are newer and in great shape. The shower is new, so that will stay as well.

I will be posting about the updates as we complete them, so check back soon or follow Holly Muffin on Facebook here!

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