Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our First Home - Bathroom Redo Part 2: During

A few weeks ago, I posted about the start of our bathroom redo (you can check out that post here). We've made a lot of progress and checked off a lot of big items on our to-do list since then.

My dad drove down to help us, and he and Chris got a lot done over the course of a weekend. The door was replaced, the walls were patched, and the lighting issues we had were fixed. After that, we tackled priming and began painting.

Check out our progress:
My father cutting out the ancient door frame / Our brand new door

A new light fixture / Tons and tons of patching
Primer / The first coat of paint

First coat of paint around the mirror / An amazingly brightened vanity

I honestly can't believe the transformation that paint alone has had on this room. The dark orange/rust colour made the room feel incredibly small when in reality it's very large. Having all of the ridiculous holes patched also adds some cleanliness to the room, and we finally got rid of the giant in-wall toilet paper holder (hence the gigantic patch at the end of the room).

There's still a lot to do, but the transformation thus far makes me so, so happy.

I'll be posting more progress soon. In the mean time, check out how many items we were able to cross off our list!

Our bathroom to-do list:

1. Remove the old door and frame (original to the home) and replace with a new pre-hung door
2. Remove all hardware and patch the walls
3. Fix the hole where the paper holder is
4. Paint the ceiling and walls
5. Replace all trim
6. Install new lighting
7. Install new hardware
8. Frame in the mirror
9. Add shelving over the toilet
10. Peel up the linoleum and tile the floor
11. Decorate

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